What is a “Literstein” Beer?

LitersteinIt’s the weekend and there are always some super cool things poppin’ off in Los Cabos’ beer scene. We do our best to cover it, and when there are other scribes who are dedicated to doing the same, we have to give them a shout out when we can.

When we created the “Literstein”, it was an ode to the old German breweries in which we truly admire as the inventors of a great beer. So, we decided to take it to the next level in Los Cabos by creating a big beer serving at only $55 pesos inside of a liter-filled mug.

We think it’s worth your while to actually visit as many breweries as possible so that you can indulge in what they consider the best beer locally. We invested a lot of time in creating the “Literstein” concept going through all of the legal hassles, creating a clever brand and marketing behind it, even sealing our mugs with the Retro Burger Bar logo to sell as souvenirs!

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