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Super Bowl Salads

What is a “Super Bowl Salad”? Our salads are served in large bowls and almost enough for 2 people, literally. When the temperature starts to soar, a cool crisp salad seems like the ideal meal. But if you think you’re getting a light, healthy bowl of greens when you’re eating out at a favorite restaurant, think Retro Burger Bar first.


Munchies – Can you dig it?

Appetizers are the new entrées, with scrumptious mozzarella sticks, Buffalo wings, quesadillas, and other delectable (and affordable) little bites popping up on our “Munchies” menu. Call it the age of the do-it-yourself tasting menu. Or heaven for diners who want it all, and then some!


Specialty Burgers

Specialty Burgers

A bite of a “Retro Burger” in downtown San Jose del Cabo will leave you feeling good long after you have devoured the last tasty morsel. They are not only thick, juicy and scrumptious but there are a wide variety to choose from. The burgers come from 100% local grass-fed, hormone-free beef. They’re served on a freshly baked bun, curly fries or freshly cut potato fries that make you keep coming back for more.


Desserts – Are you livin’ yet!

Whether you want milkshakes or Chocolate Ice Cream “Burgers”, we offer a classic selection of favorite desserts. Yummy pastries, delectable Banana Splits and luscious New York style Cheesecake are the main servings of the place. If you’re craving some sugary pleasures, there is no better restaurant to tempt your palate than Retro Burger Bar.